Blessed Be Baskets - Harassment and slander

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Blessed be baskets CeO

Sylvia Nagel has been harassing church organizations and reverends for over a year.

She Has committed acts of slander harassment and various other civil crimes against more then One Reverend.

Sylvia uses her charity Blessed Be baskets as a shield to protect her self when she bullies people.

when she commits slander using her charity people expose her then she cries that those who expose her are taking food out of babies mouths.

It is her who is taking food out of anyone's mouth.

if she was not acting like a crazy basket lady then she would not have anyone creating reports.

Blessed Be Baskets - Donations Support Drug Abuse and Income

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Flagship Media had plans to donate to this "fraud" charity, we donated a mere twenty dollars before, we through research discovered its dark side, the C.E.O. in a known drug adict, she admitted to the C.E.O. of Flagship Media that she had been through a recovery program and continues to use and abuse drugs and alcohol, after investigating this C.E.O. our C.E.O. discovered that this charity was using imagery of feeding and clothing children to drive an elaborate scam which involved using donated funds to support the C.E.O.'s habits, and providing her friends and family services which were meant for the people the C.E.O. claimed she was helping.

I suggest you avoid donating to this charity as it will be soon reported to the Florida Attorney General the C.E.O. of claims she has been operating for years, she we found is on Social Security Disability and is able to work, but it is more important for her to get "high" and supplement her S.S.I.D. income from donations.

I suggest if you have donated to this charity that you write the Attorney General in Florida, as we will be forwarding emails, since the C.E.O. is now stalking some of her accusers and it is understood that Authorities from the MA. State Police will be checking on these accusations, we will update you in the days ahead, as we plan some possible reports to the Michigan State Police.

The C.E.O. of this charity has been claiming we have made donations to the amount of 1000.00 but cannot provide any copies of canceled checks or bank statements of direct


Tampa, Florida, United States #610589

I have found this to be true she asked me for money for ***

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States #610496

sylvia accuses me of more then a few criminal acts.

one was she claimed i called the tampa youth serivice and she claims when i called I made death threats to kill homosexuals.

she claims she has evidence of this but has none.

if this did happen a police report would has been filed.

Sylvia also claims i told her son to killhimself because hes ***. I do not know her son or his name or anything about him again she has no proof.

she claims I made a threat to burn her home down again this is a lie and she has no proof or police report.

she is calling me a terrorist Again no Poof more lies and slander.

Sylvia has also copied my signature from the m.a sec of state website and placed it on a false document which had the name blessed be baskets on it.

THIS WOMan claims to have proof of all the crimes she lists about me but the only proof that exists is the proof of her slander her threats and her Obvious decline of mental health.

she has done this all to her self.

Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States #610353

Anyone who has ever had a problem with Robert Fraize, the Church of Leviathan a satanic organization of misfits, and Tom Erik Raspotnik the author of this. Knows that once a friendship, partnership, or co-op has terminated they become obsessive in stalking online, and making threats offline. Please do contact FL state. We have nothing to hide, and remember there are other board members who will attest to the Attorney General whom we have had contact with concerning this ongoing rhetoric, that the Charity is not a hate group, Not a Crime front, and certainly does not partake in drugs. Our duty is to feed and cloth children, and feed families. If there is concerns, or grievances please send them in writing to the Board of Blessed Be Baskets Charity. At 4718 Limerick Drive Tampa, Florida 33610. We will only review what is sent in writing.

This will continue until Tom Erik is tired, or finds someone else to attack online and offline. Robert Fraize unfortunately will never stop. However, we are doing fine. These posts of rhetoric have brought many new clients and supporters to our little world. For Support information visit our website.


Sylvia Nagel

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States #610351

This is Very helpful.

Sylvia is Out of control and she needs to be fired as Ceo of this charity.


Personally, I do not care what others do in their own time with their own money to pleasure themselves, but to use the guise of a charity that "feeds hungry children" as a meat shield for drug abuse is beyond criminal.

to S0_Sad Nocona, Texas, United States #610258

Troll somewhere else ....

to S0_Sad Topeka, Kansas, United States #610259

Helpful thanks

to S0_Sad Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #610261

Thanks I will post this on FaceBook

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